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About Silver Spring Kennel

Here at Silver Spring Kennel, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality companion animals possible. While we specialize in raising the best quality Silver and Charcoal labradors, we do have all colors available for adoption. Our primary goal is to produce Labradors that are HEALTHY, great family companions, and great to look at . We take great pride in our selection of dogs for breeding and make every effort to match owners with the right puppy.

What Makes Our Labs Special

  1. Selection of Dogs – Our primary focus is on disposition, confirmation and pedigree, not color, for the dogs we breed and own. It is more important for us to deliver the best dogs to all of our clients which is why sometimes we do not have silver puppies or breed silver dogs.
  2. Family – Our dogs are family members not livestock. Any puppy we raise is treated as if it will be our own and is raised with care, love and attention and fed only the best foods and supplements.



Silver Spring Kennel News

Silver Lab Puppies - Silver Spring Kennel New Silver Lab Puppies - Current litter of puppies available from Bridget and Hefner. Parents: Bridget and Hefner